Safe and Sound™ Training & Education


Dealing with first responders and law enforcement in an emergency is stressful and scary. Safety is a constant concern for our families. ASFV is proud to bring the Safe and Sound™ program and this parent training to the Fox Valley.

Created in 2005, the Safe and Sound™ initiative includes providing information and training to law enforcement and first response professionals – from police, fire & rescue officers to Emergency Medical Services officers. This parent component will teach you disaster preparedness, communication tips when working with law enforcement, environment and safety modifications, and time to interact with the creators of this program.

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The Autism Society of the Fox Valley is pleased to offer a FREE training for First Responders. The session will focus on tools for agencies to address autism-related field contacts, communication and behavior, sensory issues, de-escalation techniques and arrest, restraint and custody issues.

The session will also provide information on how first responders can recognize an individual with autism, and discuss how actual incidents were handled. Special tactics, response techniques, rescue techniques, patient care, search and rescue, and actual incidents will be discussed. Incidents discussed will highlight police responses, fire rescue, rescue from heights, motor vehicle crashes, and emergency medical responses.

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